Artistic Director, founder and allround artist of Rani Art -Rasarani Keilman

Rasarani Keilman (11-05-1985) started dancing and singing from the young age of 4 years old and followed ballet, jazz and musical classes at various local schools.

Her passion and  ambition to become a professional performing artist drove her to audition for the The Institute for Performing Arts, Lucia Marthas in Amsterdam. In 2002 she was admitted to the school and followed a 4 year university where she got trained in ballet, jazz, musical/theatre dance, tap, acrobatics, urban dance, modern dance, point work, drama, vocal & choir training, drama and performance skills. She received her bachelor diploma as 'Performing Artist' in 2006. During that period she was an intern for divers commercial, musicals, TV- and theatre shows.

Besides her education at Lucia Marthas she followed numerous, workshops, classes and intensives all over the world such as 'Impulztanz -Tanz Woche' in Vienna, 'Monsters of Hip Hop' in Florida', 'Choreographers Ball" in Los Angeles, 'Triple Thread' in Las Vegas and diverse vocal and dance classes at "Broadway Dance Center' in New York

In 2007-2008 she worked as an ensemble, understudy and dance captain in Mark Vijn's Theatre Productions for the musical "Bubbling Brown Sugar".

From 2008 to 2010 she worked as a dance captain, ensemble and soloist in the theatre productions ' Jeans 18 -Never Say Never' and "Jeans 19 - Back In Town'.

From 2010 to 2011 she worked in the dutch version of the West End production 'We Will Rock You' produced by Ben Elton and Joop van den Ende.
From 2006 -2017 she also worked as a dancer in numerous productions of the award winning, modern dance company 'Samadhi Dance Company' directed by Vraja Sundari

In addition to her work as a dancer, she recorded 3 mini albums "Audible Love', 'Four Shades of Blue' and 'Raising Roots'  in colloboration with Bert Stoots.

Since 2012 she has been working as a fulltime artistic director, teacher, manager and co-owner of the succesful dance school Ballet School Marut Jorquera,' who was awarded the  'Cultural Prize' in 2013 and in 2020. 

She teaches students in Ballet, Jazz,  Pointwork, High Heel class, Musical/Theatre, Streetdance  and is responsible for directing, choreographing, writing of the script and programme, costume design and organisation of the school's annual endpresentations .

Besides this she organizes performances for requested events, happenings and shows with the students of the school's trained selection classes from the ages 7 to 28.

In 2016 she founded  Rani Art and her first production 'The Onion & The Lotus' won 3rd prize for Choreographic Compostion during The AmsterDance Festival in 2016. After that she has produced, designed costumes and danced in several new short productions such as 'Womanity', 'Nature Speaks' and 'Womanature' .

End of 2016 she colloborated with theatre maker and choreographer Sarada Sarita for the production of the New Way Vogue and Waacking  show 'Q4 ~Squaring the Circle'  where she worked as a dancer and designer.

In 2018 she created her first  total theater, evening filling, performance titled 'Sounding Silence', which premiered in April 2018 in Theater de Speeldoos in Baarn

After this she has been focussing on writing theatre pieces for the Youth, designing costumes for many performing artists and theatre shows  and as a performer in many colloborations . Her most recent activities are as a writer, rapper and choreographer for a new line of childrens books named KIDDOBOOKS ,as a dancer of the live musical trio MoVéZ and as a costume designer for Sarada Sarita's latest dance theatre/film series 'Q5 ~The Quintessentials"  powered by Korzo Theater.

Since 2019 she has been writing, creating and choreographing many (youth) productions  for diverse events, happenings and cultural colloborations and has been succesfull in staging and producing these.

Her first own fashion collection named NEON JUNGLE is in the making and will be shown soon in an TV item shot by RTV Baarn.