Dance Performances

One of Rani Art's dominating artform is dance. Styles such as jazz, ballet, points, modern, musical/theatre,, urban, improvisation and conceptual dance are incorporated in to each performance according to the theme, concept and style of music that might be requested for an event or happening. Musicallity, rhytm and  also  working with text, spoken word and/or speech are very important in the work. The choreography and the dancers of Rani Art are subjected to these important aspects. Rani Art dancers are trained by Rasarani Keilman and guest choreographers  in these diverse styles and are distinctive by their bold, versatile, unique style, language and acting abilities. Rani Art has created several dancepieces in colloboration with diverse professional artists and the semi-professional dancers of Balletschool Marut Jorquera. Conceptual dancepiece 'The Onion & The Lotus'  performed in the pre-program of De Dutch Junior Dance Divison's performance 'Ballet Blanc' and won the 3rd prize for Choreographic Composition in 2016 . In 2017 Rani Art created the piece 'Womanity' that raised fundings and awareness for the charity group 'Blijf Groep' that supports domestically abused women and children. This piece has performed on several occations such as Theater DeLaMar during the preprogramme of Samadhi Dance Company's 10-year anniversary performance 'Between Worlds' The 3rd piece 'Nature Speaks'  got requested to perform during the annual gala of the arts foundation 'Kunst in de Kamer' and as opening of the the All Winter Together Festival in Theater de Speeldoos. Rani Art designed and danced for the new dutch upcoming choreographer, dancer and theatre maker Sarada Sarita Keilman and ISH  in the New Way Vogue and Waacking piece 'Q4 Squaring the Circle' that will start touring in 2018. . In april 2018 Rani Art produced her first  evening filling performance 'Sounding Silence'.