Rani Art & Teun Seuren design costumes for Waacking Theatre performance 'Q5~ The Quintessentials' by Sarada Sarita powered by Korzo

Rani Art & Teun Seuren

For the new production  'Q5~The Quintessentals' by Sarada Sarita ,Rani Art and upcoming  succesful and most of all talented fashion designer Teun Seuren colloborated to create a 7 piece costume collection. Inspired by the 7 chakra's and different cultural heritages , this colourful collection has enhanced the dancers, staging and story of the first  Waacking theatre performance!

About Q5

Q5 is inspired by the energy, feeling and expressiveness of Waacking; also known as Whacking or Punking & Posing. A dance form that was born in the seventies in the Latin and Afro-American LGBTQI+ underground clubs of Los Angeles as an expression of oppression, celebrating all! Through the movement language of Waacking, the Performers dive into different worlds and perspectives searching for the essence of the essence in full colors > The Quintessentials! The production is set to premiere during Cadance:

CaDance is the bienal dance and movement festival organized by Korzo (The Hague, The Netherlands). This year CaDance celebrates its 20th edition with an online edition in the new Studio X > https://x.korzo.nl/  


The online premiere that was ment to show on sunday the 7th of february has been cancelled due to Covid.

New dates will be anounced soon! For more information see https://korzo.nl/en/cadance-festival/calendar/livestream-q5-the-quintessentials/

Teun & Rani Art during interview for the CaDance behind the scene's program.

Rani Art designs for Sarada Sarita and Otion-Burgundy love for this spoken word/dance performance : "2U~ Duality in Unisono'

Theatre makers and extraordinary performers Sarada Sarita Keilman and Guillermo Blinker created the spoken word/dance piece '2U ~Duality In Unisono' powered by ISH, as part of Amsterdam Fringe Festival!  Rani Art got the brilliant task to create a one tone Burgundy 3piece collection. Playinhg with diffrent shades of burgundy and textures Rani Art was  inspired by Bonnie & Clyde, velvet ropes and carpets to give the couple a luxe, deep, rich yet dangerous and serious look!  See here some footage and description of this amazing performance!

Rani Art  performs 'Womanity' at 10th anniversary of 'New Dance presents Friends' at Vondelpark Openlucht Theatre - 3rd of august -20:30!

In celebration of New Dance Studio 10 year anniversary Rani Art is honored to perform 'Womanity' at this beautiful event created by Glenn Westphal and New Dance Studio's. New Dance presents Friends is a program where choreographers get a chance to show their New Dance work (in progress) on stage and get free publicity. Thanks to the many applicants, the Open Stage results in a very diverse and dynamic performance evening of high quality.  For more info about New Dance Studios check out http://www.newdancestudios.com/



'Womanity' is a modern/jazz dance piece dedicated to womanhood and to the value and purpose of women's natural strength, spirit and existence. It highlights the immemorial issue of oppression, abuse and discrimination and questions her longtime battle to feel acknowledged, appreciated, loved and free.

'Womanity' was inspired by the shield model theory ‘The InnerFamily’ developed by psychologist Arienne Klijn*

The 3 female dancers symbolically portray the three modes of material nature based on the Bhagavad Gita: Goodness, Passion and Ignorance. They also represent the three most important strengths of the female body: Fertility, Flexibility and Beauty.

Choreography: Rasarani Keilman
Dancers: Emma Vredeveld, Emma Pondman, Rasarani Keilman
Guitarist: Tijn van der Sanden

LOCATION: Vondelpark Openlucht Theater- Amsterdam

Time of performance: 20:30

Entrance : FOR FREE

Rani Art getting ready for 1st evening filling theatre show 'sounding Silence' -22nd of april in theater de Speeldoos !!

On Sunday 22nd of April, Rani Art presents her first full-length complete theater performance entitled 'Sounding Silence' in Theater de Speeldoos. The performance concerns, among other things, the duality between our audible voice and our inner voice, the oppressed and the expressive, (awkward) silence and music, meditation and noise - or the paradox between sound and silence. Both artist and audience are challenged in 'Sounding Silence' to engage in conversation with themselves and with the world around them. In this unique performance the diverse cast, consisting of both national and international performing artists, tries to answer these questions through their own unique talent: from dance in all kinds of styles to opera, from spoken word to live music and from beatboxing to mime, drama and comedy.  Because of the international cast and by the combination of all kinds of art forms (dance, song, poetry, rap, live music and drama) this performance by Rani Art is suitable for all lovers of theater, art, music and entertainment.
Tickets are available via this link https://www.speeldoosbaarn.nl/genre-overzicht/theater/dans/item/sounding-silence

Rani Art designs costumes for new talented choreographer sarada sarita keilman in 'project Q4'

 Rani Art  started this year off with a huge, beautiful yet complex assignment : Costume making and design for the New Way Vogue dance piece 'Project Q4' by the most amazing new choreographer/dance maker Sarada Sarita Keilman. She received the New maker Subsidy from 'Fonds Podium Kunsten'  in 2017 to develop herself and her projects in the next 2years as a maker/choreographer under production house ISH.
Rani Art created a 15 piece collection inspired by Jung's philosophy, Japanese ninja's and Vedic art and symbolism.
The costumes were mainly made out of organza and nude lycra, handpainted Mandala's and typical Rani Artistic drawings and symbols.

The performance dates of this wonderful show will be posted soon! For more info on Sarada Sarita Keilman check out her facebook site https://www.facebook.com/SaradaSarita


Rani Art performs 'hatwalk' at the officialopening of hatmaker and artist Herma de jong's new store 'hermajesty's'

Sunday 26th of november 14:00

Rani Art  performs with the students of Balletschool Marut Jorquera during the opening of Dutch hatmaker/artist Herma de Jong's exclusive new store 'Hermajesty's' in Baarn. The dancers perform a true 'HATwalk' wearing exclusive hats on a red carpet catwalk. This has been the third collaboration with the wonderful artist and hopefully more to come!

For more info see  http://www.hermadejong.nl


Rani Art performs showcase 'feminista' at the award show 'beste binnenstad van nederland' and colloborates with Enz. fairwear and Herma de jong! -

Thursday 23rd of november 20:00

As openingsact  for the Dutch Best City award show,Rani Art choreographed a whole new show case named 'Feminista' dedicated to all strong females  who adore , the city life looking  and feeling fierce, unique and strong! ' Rani Art also designed and created new dresses for this event and collaborated with the wonderful vintage and one of a kind clothing store Enz. Fairwear and the dutch famous hatmaker Herma de Jong. For mroe information about these wonderful stores check out these links:



Rani Art performs at Cultureel festival Baarn 2017 - September 2nd at the pekingtuin

Rani Art will perform at Cultureel Festival 2017 with three pieces: First some new work, performed  on  Tchaikovsky's famous masterpiece 'The Nutcracker' . Rani Art will show a new take on these more then famous masterpieces played live by a full orchestra! Second piece showing will be in colloboration with Balletschool Marut Jorquera 's Selection class students and will perform a musical/theatre piece as an ode to famous choreograpehr Bob Fosse named 'Fosse's World' . Last but not least Rani Art will be showing the fourth edition of 'Natiure Speaks'.  So come and experience the magic! -

Saturday september 2nd at The Pekingtuin in Baarn. Entrance is compleetely free. For more info on this fabulous festival and it's line up of performances check out  http://cultureelfestival.nl/