Rani Art collabs with amazing photographers to show of costumes, posing and the art of photography!

Welcome to the world of Rani Art!

Rani Art is a performing arts company that concentrates on creating total theater productions.

Dance is the dominating artform of Rani Art but is always in connection with other theatrical disciplines such as vocals, live music, poetry/spoken word, paintings, sculptures, design, (stage)costume making and visual or audible enhancements including fashion, make-up, styling and video/photography .

In this unique way of blending of artforms, the artists,  produce new narrative and conceptual performances, whilst challenging each other, themselves and the public to think 'out of the box' and look at certain subjects or taboos in a different way.


Rani Art  performs 'Womanity' at 10th anniversary of 'New Dance presents Friends' at Vondelpark Openlucht Theatre - 3rd of august -20:30!

In celebration of New Dance Studio 10 year anniversary Rani Art is honored to perform 'Womanity' at this beautiful event created by Glenn Westphal and New Dance Studio's. New Dance presents Friends is a program where choreographers get a chance to show their New Dance work (in progress) on stage and get free publicity. Thanks to the many applicants, the Open Stage results in a very diverse and dynamic performance evening of high quality.  For more info about New Dance Studios check out http://www.newdancestudios.com/



'Womanity' is a modern/jazz dance piece dedicated to womanhood and to the value and purpose of women's natural strength, spirit and existence. It highlights the immemorial issue of oppression, abuse and discrimination and questions her longtime battle to feel acknowledged, appreciated, loved and free.

'Womanity' was inspired by the shield model theory ‘The InnerFamily’ developed by psychologist Arienne Klijn*

The 3 female dancers symbolically portray the three modes of material nature based on the Bhagavad Gita: Goodness, Passion and Ignorance. They also represent the three most important strengths of the female body: Fertility, Flexibility and Beauty.

Choreography: Rasarani Keilman
Dancers: Emma Vredeveld, Emma Pondman, Rasarani Keilman
Guitarist: Tijn van der Sanden

LOCATION: Vondelpark Openlucht Theater- Amsterdam

Time of performance: 20:30

Entrance : FOR FREE

Rani Art getting ready for 1st evening filling theatre show 'Sounding Silence' -22nd of april in theater de Speeldoos !!

 On Sunday 22nd of April, Rani Art presents her first full-length complete theater performance entitled 'Sounding Silence' in Theater de Speeldoos.

Because of the international cast and by the combination of all kinds of art forms (dance, song, poetry, rap, live music and drama) this performance by Rani Art is suitable for all lovers of theater, art, music and entertainment.
Tickets are available via this link https://www.speeldoosbaarn.nl/genre-overzicht/theater/dans/item/sounding-silence
Rating: 5 sterren
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